Welcome to NAFAD website

The Nigerian Association for Family Development (NAFAD) is a duly registered non-profit organization made up of Nigerian parents interested in the development of quality family life both for themselves and for the whole of society. It has the following objectives:
To pool together the individual and collective human and material resources of members for the promotion of moral, educational, religious and cultural development among Nigerian families.
  1. To organize seminars, symposium, conferences, congresses and other activities as fora for sharing experiences and seeking joint and common approaches to the diverse challenges confronting the family.
  2. To establish institutions for purposes of promoting all-round formation of the child and for advancement of its scientific, cultural, religious, social and ethical training.
  3.  To carry out all noble activities compatible with the Laws of the land for the upliftment of the social, religious, professional and vocational life not only of members but of all Nigerians.