About Us


Nigerian Association for Family Development (NAFAD) is a non-governmental organisation founded by a group of concerned parents eager to revitalize society by strengthening its most basic unit: the family. We believe that in order to foster a society that is just and humane, the family must first be developed as a wellspring of human virtues.

The Nigerian Association for Family Development (NAFAD) is a duly registered nonprofit organization made up of Nigerian parents interested in the development of quality family life both for themselves and for the whole of society. It has the following objectives:

  • To pool together the individual and collective human and material resources of members for the promotion of moral, educational and cultural development among Nigerian families.
  • To organize seminars, symposia, conferences, congresses and other activities as fora for sharing experiences and seeking joint and common approaches to the diverse challenges confronting the family.
  • To establish institutions for purposes of promoting all-round formation of the child and for advancement of its scientific, cultural, social and ethical training.
  • To carry out all noble activities compatible with the Laws of the land for the upliftment of the social, moral, professional and vocational life not only of members but of all Nigerians.

Primary Principles

NAFAD subscribes to the following principles:

  • Marriage is sacred and the ordinary way of starting a family. It demands from spouses’ selfless and unconditional love.
  • Marriage is where husband and wife practice and foster the virtues of understanding, patience, fortitude and temperance, among others.
  • The family is the basic cell of society. The future of our society depends inherently on the state of the family.
  • The family is the primary school of human virtues. It is through the effort and good example of parents that children begin to learn charity, strength of character, patience, perseverance and other virtues. It is also where children learn to use freedom in a responsible manner.
  • The strength of the family derives from the character formation of its members.
  • Parents are the principal educators of their children in the area of character building, forming them to become responsible and productive members of society. Schools play a complementary and secondary role in this.


NAFAD’s mission is to promote family values and strong relationships among spouses, parents and children. Specifically, NAFAD aims to engage in a variety of activities that will educate families in the art of marriage, parenting and social responsibility and development.


Activities promoted by NAFAD consist of:

  • Organising conferences and seminars
  • Conducting workshops and training programs
  • Producing and distributing audio-visual materials
  • Organising family clubs
  • Participating at speaking engagements


International Federation for Family Development
The International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) is an international organisation focused on developing rich, resilient and happy families. To this end, IFFD organises conferences and workshops and produces a number of publications across five continents. IFFD has been granted general consultative status within the United Nations and has its headquarters in Madrid Spain.